Skin checks / Mole checks / Skin cancer

New Zealand's harsh ultraviolet rays put us at one of the highest risks of sun damage and skin cancer in the world. Even in winter UVA rays are present in doses high enough to cause ageing of our skin and promote the development of skin cancer.

Our dermatologists are highly trained in the assessment of your skin looking for any suspicious signs. Any new or changing areas of skin, particularly if a lesion has changed shape or colour, or fails to heal should be reviewed promptly. If you have fair skin, particularly if you have a personal or family history of skin cancer, a regular full skin examination is an excellent way of maximising your chances of picking an early, otherwise undetected skin cancer.

There are numerous of ways that the existing pre-cancerous changes your skin may have, can be treated to help prevent the progression to skin cancer, despite years of preceding damage. This involves scientifically-based advice on skin care and sun-protection, and a number of procedures, prescription creams, and occasionally oral medications. Maintenance of your skin, and disease prevention is our priority.

There is no substitute for a specialist dermatologist in the assessment of your skin. With accurate clinical diagnosis you can be saved many unnecessary procedures, while ensuring a thorough check to accurately identify any suspicious lesions for early treatment.

Book an appointment today with your dermatologist, it could save your skin.