General / medical dermatology

Eczema (Atopic dermatitis)
Dry skin
Itchy skin
Skin discolouration
Skin infections
Skin allergy
Nail problems
Hair loss

All our specialists offer consultation and treatment of conditions affecting the skin, nails and hair. Your skin is your largest organ and when it is affected by disease it can cause significant discomfort in addition to cosmetic and functional disturbance.

General or medical dermatology involves the assessment and treatment of skin disease such as rashes, acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, skin allergy, skin infections, skin conditions as a result of internal disease or medications, dryness, itch, and discolouration. Disorders of the finger or toenails and hair are also treated by dermatologists.

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) and psoriasis are the two most common chronic inflammatory skin conditions. Unfortunately, research to date has failed to reveal a permanent cure for these diseases. However, excellent control of the disease, so you can get on with normal life is a very realistic goal. Treatments range from creams, phototherapy, various tablets, and new biologic injectable medications. The results of controlling these diseases are life-changing.

Acne and rosacea are two other very common skin conditions that cause significant concern. Developing a sensible, evidence-based approach can bring highly satisfying results. Appropriate treatment of acne at an early stage is critical to prevent permanent unsightly scarring.

Skin conditions are often significantly distressing because of itch or discomfort, and because of the obvious visual impact. Many however have struggled for weeks or months with over-the-counter creams and remedies, internet searches, and may have also seen a number of doctors without sustained relief. Your dermatologist will take a thorough history, exam the skin, and discuss with you the correct approach to start getting your skin back to normal.

Skin conditions are not trivial. Let us help you get back to skin health.

Why a dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical specialist with at least four years post-graduate training focused specifically on all aspects of the health and disease states of the skin, and the medical and surgical therapy of skin disease. On satisfaction of the requirements of the training curriculum, they are eligible for vocational (specialist) registration with the Medical Board of New Zealand.
You owe the care of your skin to a specialist-trained dermatologist.

How do I know my doctor is a qualified dermatologist?

All vocationally registered dermatologists are listed on the website of the New Zealand Dermatological Society

Need more reliable and local information on skin conditions?

Visit our New Zealand Dermatological Society’s internationally-renown website Dermnet NZ