Cosmetic dermatology

Your skin is the most highly visible part of your body and incredibly important to your appearance and the whole way you feel, in addition to its medical functions. Your dermatologist can discuss the care of your skin, including preventive strategies against ageing and sun-damage. A practical, science-based approach is useful in sorting fact from fiction in this area. If required, a specific skin care programme can be formulated, and a range of cosmetics procedures including various lasers are offered at our onsite Auckland Skin Laser Centre.

Your dermatologist will discuss your specific requirements and the best strategies to address these. You can also read more about the cosmetic procedures and services available by visiting

Dermal microneedling (Dermapen) is an excellent, minimally-invasive procedure for acne scarring, surgical scars, stretch-marks, sun-damaged and aged skin. It is also well-suited for preventative skin collagen induction. More information can be found by clicking here.

Silicon scar improvement gel is a well established, evidence-based medical treatment for the improvement in appearance and texture of new and old scars. It is a safe and effective film-forming, gas-permeable gel which is very convenient to apply. Sunscreen and make-up can also be applied over the top. You can now purchase this directly from our Remuera reception without a consultation. For more information
click here.