General / medical dermatology

All our specialists offer consultation and treatment of conditions affecting the skin, nails and hair. Your skin is your largest organ and when it is affected by disease it can cause significant discomfort in addition to cosmetic and functional disturbance. General or medical dermatology involves the assessment and treatment of skin disease such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin allergy, skin infections, skin conditions as a result of internal disease or medications, dryness, itch, and discolouration.

Mohs micrographic surgery

Mohs surgery is a highly precise and specialised treatment for skin cancers particularly located on the head and neck area. The tumour is excised with a narrow margin and the entire periphery of the specimen is examined microscopically onsite while you wait. If necessary, a further layer can be taken until the skin is cleared of tumour. The wound is then able to be reconstructed on the same day in almost all cases. The two major benefits of this type of surgery are superior cure rates even for difficult and recurrent tumours, and the sparing of normal surrounding skin, resulting in a superior cosmetic result.

Cosmetic dermatology

Your skin is the most highly visible part of your body and incredibly important to your appearance and the whole way you feel, in addition to its medical functions. Your dermatologist can discuss the care of your skin, including preventive strategies against ageing and sun-damage. A practical, science-based approach is useful in sorting fact from fiction in this area. If required, a specific skin care programme can be formulated, and a range of cosmetics procedures including various lasers are offered at our onsite Auckland Skin Laser Centre.

Skin checks / skin cancer

New Zealand's harsh ultraviolet rays put us at one of the highest risks of sun damage and skin cancer in the world. Our dermatologists are highly trained in the assessment of your skin looking for any suspicious signs. Any new or changing areas of skin, particularly if a lesion has changed shape or colour, or fails to heal should be reviewed promptly. If you have fair skin, a full skin examination is good way of maximising your chances of picking an early, otherwise undetected skin cancer.

Dermatologic and laser surgery

All our dermatologists have extensive experience in skin surgery. Your specialist will discuss with you the best options for management of skin cancers or non-cancerous lumps and bumps that you may wish to have removed. This may include surgical excision, various other surgery procedures, non-surgical options, or laser surgery. The on-site erbium laser can be a very good option for removal of benign skin lesions and even some superficial skin cancers, rapidly and most often with excellent cosmetic results.